CITCM's Annual 'Tai Chi in Regent's Park' was a Huge Success
24 June 2018

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Throughout June the Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine (CITCM) delivered a free Tai Chi course in the Regent's Park. This is an annual event which always proves very popular amongst Londoners. This year over 100 people registered and the feedback was extremely positive.

This is the 8th consecutive year that we have run this event. Over the years we have welcomed back many old friends as well as many new faces.

Tai Chi in Regent's Park
Tai Chi in Regent's Park

During the sessions the participants learnt 24 Form Tai Chi. This involved learning a series of independent moves and successfully linking them together. Mr Liu Tao, a tai chi instructor who works for CITCM and helped to run the sessions, explained that ‘24 Form Tai Chi is the most popular form of Tai Chi. Learning the moves throughout the classes provides the participants with a really good foundation from which they can build upon in their own time.'

After the last session many of the participants provided very positive feedback. Kristina Middleton said 'I really enjoyed Tai Chi in the park. The instructor this year was amazing! He balanced theory and practice very well and explained everything clearly. It’s a shame this course only runs for four weeks, I will definitely be joining again next year!'

Another participant named Atsue Turner said 'thank you for the course at the Regent's Park, I do appreciate the quality of the instructors'.

For information about upcoming events please visit the events section of our website.