Curriculum Mandarin Teaching

CITCM provides full-time and part-time Mandarin teachers to primary and secondary schools in London. All of our teachers are native Chinese Speakers and can teach any level from beginner's Mandarin to GCSE or A Level. Whether you want one lesson a week or a full time teacher - our teachers will show great enthusiasm and passion in their lessons.

Key Details

  • All of our Mandarin teachers have passed rigorous examinations prior to being appointed. This ensures a high standard of teaching is maintained.
  • Normally teachers will remain in post for approximately 1-2 years, after which they will be replaced by a new CITCM teacher.
  • Teachers should undertake no more than 20 hours of teaching per week.
  • Thanks to generous support from Confucius Institute Headquarters we can offer this service at a very competitive rate. Please contact us directly to discuss costs in more detail.