At our Chinese Medicine Clinic we offer professional acupuncture treatment, along with other treatment techniques, in a very comfortable environment. To book an appointment, or to discuss any enquiries, please email or phone 0207 815 8483.

Treatment TypePriceInternal PriceDuration
Acupuncture :Acupuncture
Clinic Type:Specialist Clinic Price:£45(£60 for initial treatment)Concession:£35(£50 for initial treatment)Length of Appointment:1 hour
Treatment Type:Training ClinicPrice:£20(£30 for initial treatment)Internal Price:£15(£25 for initial treatment)Duration:1 hour
Other Treatments:Other Treatments
Clinic Type:General Tuina MassagePrice:£30Concessions:£25Appointment Duration:30 mins
Clinic Type:Hot StonesPrice:£20Concession:£18Length of Appointment:30 mins
Clinic Type:Cupping or MoxaPrice:£15Concession:£13Duration:20 mins
Treatment Type:General Tuina Massage +Cupping, Hot Stones, or Moxa (choose one)Price:£40Concession:£32Duration:40 mins
Clinic Type:*An Initial Consultation and Treatment lasts 1.5 hours, required for your first attendance at the clinic for acupuncture within the last six months.

To book an appointment please contact directly or via our University online shop:

Please note: we are open from 9.00-17.00, Monday to Friday. We will try our best to respond to your booking as soon as possible.

The acupuncturists in the Specialist Clinic have been practicing TCM for almost ten years and can provide acupuncture, therapeutic massage (tuina), cupping, moxibustion, scratching therapy, paediatric tuina massage and body constitution analysis.

In the training clinic, acupuncture is delivered by traditional Chinese medicine final year students and graduates who are overseen by clinical supervisors.

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