Language Courses

CITCM offers a series of high quality Mandarin Courses designed to help individuals pass the internationally recognised HSK exams. In addition to our well structured HSK group classes, we also offer 1-2-1 tuition and private group courses.

Participating in these courses, and passing the exams, can help to unlock a variety of opportunities including the ‘Summer in China’ study trip and the Confucius Institute Scholarship.

An Introduction to HSK

The internationally recognised HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) exam assesses the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers from beginner to advanced level (divided into levels 1-6). Our well structured HSK courses have been designed to help individuals develop their Mandarin in a systematic and efficient manner.

Timetable and Prices

Please click here to view the Mandarin Course timetables and prices.


To register for a Mandarin Course please follow the steps listed below.

  • Pay the course fee by visiting our online shop. If you would like to discuss alternative payment methods please contact us.
  • Forward the payment confirmation to Be sure to state your full name, phone number, LSBU student number (if you have one), level and group. Please state your first and second choice of group so that we can accommodate you if your first choice is unavailable.


You can visit the official Chinese Test website to download HSK vocabulary lists and mock tests.

Terms and Conditions

If you choose to participate in a Mandarin course you are agreeing to the Course Regulations set out by CITCM.

Private group courses are tailored to accommodate the needs of 2 or more people. This is an efficient way to help small groups of students/friends/associates improve their Chinese communication ability whilst preparing them for the HSK exams. These classes cost only £15 per person per hour. The first block of small group lessons must be purchased as a block of at least 10 hours. After which, lessons can be bought in blocks of 5 hours.

Please contact to confirm availability prior to making your payment at the online shop.

Please click here to view the private group course regulations.

In addition to group courses we offer one to one tuition for individuals looking for greater flexibility or focus. Your teacher will design unique lessons to meet your needs and requirements, the course content can focus on anything from exam preparation to survival Chinese or business Chinese (intermediate and above). The time of your class will also be very flexible and can be discussed directly with the teacher.

These 1-2-1 classes provide a more efficient and flexible way of studying and cost only £20 per hour. The first block of 1-2-1 lessons must be purchased as a block of at least 10 hours. After which, lessons can be bought in blocks of 5 hours. Please contact CITCM to confirm availability prior to making the payment at our online shop.

Please click here to view the 1-2-1 HSK Course Regulations.

"The Mandarin classes are a fun experience with great teachers. Chinese is a skill that would be valuable to anyone. Do it! You wont regret it!" (Liz Manning, HSK 1).

"My teacher at CITCM was fantastic, I learn a lot and I definitely want to continue learning" (Juber, HSK 1).

"The Mandarin lessons at CITCM are taught in a simple way which makes the language easy to understand. I felt confident after the first lesson!" (Kayla Whyte, HSK 2).

"During the course I got to know several CITCM teachers, all of who were helpful and inspiring people" (Caroline Agyemang, HSK 3).

"The Mandarin lessons at CITCM gave me the confidence to speak Mandarin whilst I was in China. The teachers were very good which made it easy for us to learn" (Linsay Gunton, HSK 2).

"The Chinese lessons at CITCM were brilliant. I felt that I learnt a lot as the class was small and so the lessons were intimate" (Claire Taylor, HSK 2).

"The Mandarin lessons at CITCM definitely helped to lay the foundation which allowed me to communicate comfortably in China. I cant wait to proceed to other HSK levels" (Joan Mwangi-Smith, HSK 1).

"An excellent course which is well thought out and organised. It was very interesting, useful and enjoyable" (Andrew Unger, HSK 1).