Contextual Learning

Our carefully designed Contextual Learning programmes provide students with the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of cultural activities. These activities can be used to supplement Mandarin lessons if you are looking to deliver a well-rounded language and culture programme. Alternatively they can be used as one off events to help students develop a stronger international awareness. Either way, such meaningful engagements will certainly help to enrich the students' learning experience.

At our clubs we provides students with the opportunity to participate in traditional Chinese activities including martial arts, paper-cutting, panda drawing, Chinese knot making, Chinese folk dance, calligraphy, Chinese booking, kite making, tea ceremony, music, dance etc.

Clubs are suitable for students of all ages and we recommend a maximum of 20 students per class. These clubs can be run as a one off workshop, as a one semester club, or on a longer term basis.

We have a team of professional performers who do regular shows at occasions including school assemblies, China days and international days. Our performance team has a range of different acts lined up including dramatic martial arts (kungfu fan, nun-chuks, tai chi etc.), serene Chinese folk songs and a variety of ethnic dances. Many schools consider this to be an effective way of captivating students' interest and notifying parents prior to launching a Mandarin programme.

Chinese New Year is the most celebrated date in the Chinese calendar. To mark this occasion, every year our performance team travel around London delivering exiting performance that can teach students about this festival.


Every year we invite delegations of headteachers to participate in an educational trip to China. The variety of activities offered on this trip will successfully fulfil the following aims;

  • to help the delegates win a better awareness of China's rich culture and history by visiting places of significant cultural interest
  • to provide the delegates with an insight into the Chinese Education System by visiting primary and secondary schools
  • to promote cultural exchange and dialogue by holding workshops at Harbin Normal University
  • to faciltiate the sharing of knowledge and experience that you gained with your pupils and staff, which will place Mandarin learning in context and will support the development of Mandarin teaching in your school.


We can offer students the opportunity to visit China in order to learn more about Chinese culture and put their learning into context.

Both our headteacher and student trips to China are heavily subsidised by the Confucius Institute headquarters.