Healthcare and Wellbeing

CITCM's professional TCM practitioners can provide organisations with wellbeing lectures, workshops, conferences and events. Such programmes are particularly useful for companies wishing to improve wellbeing at their workplace or participate in team training exersizes. All activities can be conducted at the Confucius Institute or in the comfort of your own space. Tailor made packages will be designed to meet your requirements.

In addition we also run a Chinese clinic which is based in LSBU's Caxton House at Southwark Campus.

CITCM regularly provides businesses and organisations with wellbeing lectures and workshops. The aim of these activities tends to be stress relief in the workplace and focuses on topics such as;

  • Massage and stress relief
  • Chinese diet and wellbeing
  • An introduction to acupuncture
  • Acupuncture and mental health

Tai chi is a Chinese fitness system based on the smooth flow of energy around the body, this relaxing form of exercise is often used to bring peace and balance into one’s life. Due to the gentle nature of tai chi people of all ages can participate in the classes.

For more information about other martial arts classes please get in touch.

CITCM participates and hosts both national and international wellbeing conferences. We are proud to be at the forefront of this field. Such conferences include;

  • the international Conference on Health, Healthcare and Eco-Civilisation (attended by Professor XU Lujia, Vice Chairman of the Standing committee of the 9th and 10th NPC).
  • Wellbeing Conference with Dr Guan (director of Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Hospital)

What is Ba Duan Jin?

Ba Duan Jin is one of the most common forms of Chinese qigong used as exercise. Different from religious or martial arts qigong, Ba Duan Jin, as medical qigong, features its positive effects on health.

How to do Ba Duan Jin?

Ba Duan Jin consists of 8 exercise sections which were done in both standing and sitting in the past but now in all standing. The eight sections focus on different physical parts and meridians. They are:

1. Two Hands Hold up the Heavens

2. Drawing the Bow to Shoot the Eagle

3. Separate Heaven and Earth

4. Wise Owl Gazes Backwards or Look Back

5. Sway the Head and Shake the Tail

6. Two Hands Hold the Feet to Strengthen the Kidneys and Waist

7. Clench the Fists and Glare Fiercely

8. Bouncing on the Heels

What are the benefits of Ba Duan Jin?

Ba Duan Jin has been evidenced to benefit the following:

1. Physical: spine stiffness, soft tissue tightness, ROM limitation and muscle weakness

2. Mental: sleep disorders, cognitive dysfunction, depression and anxiety

Who can do Ba Duan Jin?

As a gentle exercise with little to almost no requirements, one can easily find a way to enjoy the benefits of Ba Duan Jin anywhere and anytime.