CITCM set up partnership with Empereur, a renowned tea company from China
22 September 2014

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On 19th September, Empereur, a renowned tea company from Xiamen China visited the Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine at London South Bank University (CITCM). The Empereur delegation includes Mr Wenhua Xiao-President of Empereur, Ms Yan Wang-Vice President of Empereur, Ms Xiaohong Chen-Vice President and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Tea Culture Magazine, Mr Huang Yingkai-a famous calligrapher, Mr Shen Lin-a famous painter and so on.

Mr Mike Simmons, the acting Executive Director of CITCM and Mr Wenhua Xiao, President of Empereur, a renowned tea company from Xiamen, China

CITCM’s active Executive Director Mr Mike Simmons, Deputy Director Yannan Yu and Fafa Jin received the delegation. Mr Mike Simmons extended warm welcome to the Empereur delegation and introduced the CITCM’s achievements. Mr Wenhua Xiao commented “It has been our great pleasure and privilege to visit CITCM. Mr Li Changchun’s visit to your CI in 2012 showed what an excellent CI you are. We would like to set up partnership with you and promote the tea culture with you”

CITCM delegation and Empereur delegation having friendly discussion about partnership

CITCM and Empereur had a constructive and friendly discussion about setting up partnership and work together to promote the tea culture.

Group photo