Kung Fu Schools Confucius Classroom Had a Wonderful visit to China
4 August 2014

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London South Bank University’s (LSBU) Confucius Institute (CI) organised its Confucius Classroom-Kung Fu Schools to have the “2014 summer in China” Program from late July to early August.

Kung Fu Schools’ Confucius Classroom at the Great Hall of the People

Mr Alan Paterson, Director of Kung Fu Schools commented “Thanks to LSBU’s Confucius Institute for organising this visit for us. It is the very first time for us to come to visit Beijing. We are so amazed by the Chinese culture and people. We have visited the Tian’anmen Square and the Great Wall and we look forward to visiting the Summer Palace and Forbidden City. The long history reflects the culture. We also used Mandarin we learnt from our language class at Kung Fu Schools. ”

Kayla loves China

Nineteen students from Kung Fu Schools in Croydon in London experienced the wonderful Chinese culture through their time in Beijing. Charles-Martin Tai Devon, a student from Kung Fu Schools Confucius Classroom said: “we travelled hundreds of thousands of miles and finally we arrived in Beijing. People are very friendly. I enjoy my time in Beijing very much.”

Jayvon makes friends with a Chinese boy
Practicing Kung Fu at the Forbidden City

In addition to experience Chinese culture and learn Mandarin, teachers and students also practised Kung Fu in Beihai Park every day. Kung Fu Schools Confucius Classroom showcased its unique way of appreciation to Chinese culture. Mr Keith Monk, Kung Fu School’s instructor commented “I have been overwhelmed with the entire trip, which exceeded all expectations. I feel so privileged to come to China. Chinese culture is amazing! ” Joanna Harding, a teacher from Kung Fu Schools said “This is a once in a life time visit to China. As an old Chinese saying goes ‘It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books’. Students have had a wonderful opportunity to personally experience the Chinese culture”.

“Chinese Princess and the English Prince”

LSBU’s Confucius Institute has been actively organising its Confucius Classrooms to visit China. Nearly seventy students and teachers from Kung Fu Schools Confucius Classroom, Petchey Academy Confucius Classroom, and St Joseph’s College Confucius Classroom visited China this summer.

“We are at the Great Wall!”