CITCM’s Newly Opened Specialised Clinic is a Huge Success
28 February 2018

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At the end of 2017 CITCM opened a specialised clinic, which now successfully runs in conjunction with the pre-existing training clinic. The opening of this specialised clinic has allowed CITCM to successfully increase the clinics opening hours and extend the range of available treatments. The practitioners in the specialised clinic have been practising TCM for almost ten years and, in addition to acupuncture, can provide therapeutic massage (tuina), cupping, moxibustion, scratching therapy and body constitution analysis.

One of CITCM's Treatment Rooms in Caxton House
One of CITCM's Treatment Rooms in Caxton House

Doctor Chi, one of the specialised practitioners, explained that ‘the specialised clinic has been a huge success. Since opening the clinic, it has been consistently very busy’. She went on to explain that ‘the patients seem to be very pleased with the treatment’. Dr Chi comes from Heilongjiang University for Chinese Medicine in Harbin, China. She has been working at CITCM for over one year.

The specialised clinic runs in conjunction with the training clinic. In the training clinic our BSc (Hons) Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture students complete the practical aspects of training and our fully qualified and accredited clinical supervisors oversee all treatments. In the training clinic patients can receive acupuncture treatment at a much discounted rate.

In addition to the services offered at our clinic, CITCM offers a series of wellbeing initiatives including Taiji courses, wellbeing workshops and regular academic seminars. This is a part of our wider aim to enhance cross cultural communication and engagement in education, industry, research and business.

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