Pop over to Caxton House for ‘Lantern Festival and lantern Riddles’

Caxton House is currently holding the ‘Lantern Festival and lantern riddles’ until 8 March. Unveiled this Monday, the event has attracted dozens of students and staff members.

Lanterns at Caxton House

Saturday 10 February ushered in the Year of the Dragon. The Chinese New Year is normally celebrated over 15 days in China until the following full moon, aka the Lantern Festival. On the Lantern Festival, people enjoy the lanterns and crack lantern riddles.

This event was staged to give people a glimpse of the Lantern Festival and learn about Chinese zodiac symbols. So far 20 clever participants have been the first to solve our lantern riddles and received prizes. People who turned up also enjoyed the opportunity to connect with other colleagues and friends outside their classrooms and offices.

Working on the riddles
One of the prize winners

Our five fresh lantern riddles awaits you each day between 12:30-13:30 during weekdays until 8 March. We look forward to welcoming more people to Caxton House.

More riddles in the pipeline

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