Confucius Institute for TCM Hosted London: China Healthcare & Life Sciences Roadshow
7 July 2015

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The China Healthcare & Life Sciences Roadshow 2015 - facilitated by the GREAT Britain Campaign and organised by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), Healthcare UK and the China-Britain Business Council ran from the 29th of June to July 8th and held events across the country in: London, Manchester, Belfast, Glasgow, Leeds and Cardiff. The events addressed the current state of the healthcare & life sciences sector in China and highlighted the opportunities available to British business's wishing to begin or expand operations in the country. London South Bank University’s Confucius Institute co-hosted it in London on 29th June. World-leading experts from UKTI and Healthcare UK as well as representatives from many British healthcare organisations and enterprises participated in the Roadshow. Mr Jin Xu, Minister Counsellor from the Economic & Commercial Section of the Chinese Embassy, and Mr Brian Gallagher, Minister-Counsellor of the British Embassy in Beijing attended the Roadshow and each delivered a speech.

Minister Counsellor Mr Jin Xu delivered his speech

Minister Counsellor Mr Jin Xu outlined in his speech China’s demographic structure and the New Normal of economy. He pointed out that China was still weak on national health care, and on elderly social care in particular, despite the fact that it is the world's second-largest economy. He also analysed market opportunities in China’s health care and life science, and indicated that the Chinese Embassy would promote Sino-British cooperation in all aspects. Being the first Confucius Institute in the world that features Chinese medicine, CITCM has been committed to promoting Chinese medical tradition and facilitating cooperation and exchange between British and Chinese medicine. The China Healthcare & Life Sciences Roadshow hosted by CITCM also serves as a bridge for both British and Chinese organisations and enterprises to collaborate with each other and to prosper together.

UK healthcare experts addressed the participants

The Roadshow included discussions on various focal topics, such as “Digital Health”, “Hospital Solution”, “Elderly & Social Care”, and “Education and Training” in the form of both lectures and face-to-face consultations, offering a convenient platform for comprehensive communications. The theme of the Roadshow was also in tune with the “International Conference on Health, Healthcare and Eco-civilisation” which is to be staged at London South Bank University by CITCM on 5-6 September. CITCM will continue to offer a dynamic platform for British and Chinese medical and wellbeing services to communicate and collaborate for mutual benefit and benign development.

(Written by Wang Mingliang)