CITCM Organises Productive Mandarin Teacher Training Day

Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine (CITCM) organised a productive Mandarin teacher training day on 1 April, 2022. Fifty of CITCM’s Mandarin teachers attended the training. The training sessions were delivered by experienced local teachers from primary and secondary schools in London and accomplished Mandarin teachers.


Key themes that run through the day of training were the importance of generating interest in students and the use of reflective practice as teachers.

The welcome and closing remarks were given by Professor Yinong Xu, Executive Director, Associate Professor Bo Sheng, Co-Director and Associate Professor Xiaoxin Liu, Co-Director, of CITCM / Caxton House at London South Bank University.

The first training session was delivered by Mr Yoan Graignic, Head of Languages, The Charter School North Dulwich, who guided teachers through a methodical examination of the criteria for a well-planned lesson and how well-planned lessons are structured and delivered.

Three of CITCM’s accomplished Mandarin teachers delivered the second training session, giving presentations on three distinct case studies to facilitate learning about, and analysis of, real-world teaching situations. Mr Xun Ni discussed differentiated teaching instruction and how to implement it successfully within the classroom. Ms Kunlong Liu analysed cross-cultural communication differences and the concept of ‘family education’. Ms Xing Luo explored student-teacher conflict in the classroom and a framework for managing it.

Interactive session during teacher training
Interactive session during teacher training

The third session was delivered by Ms Yingzi Zhao, Mandarin Trainee, Dartford Grammar School, who introduced engaging classroom activities, games and resources for Mandarin teaching and analysed how to choose, prepare and organise activities for the most effective results.

Ms Michelle Hayes, Confucius Classroom Coordinator and Behaviour Management Lead, Goodrich Community Primary School, then delivered a comprehensive session on how to manage behaviour positively in class and shared ideas on creating a good learning environment.

The final training session was delivered by Ms Rhoda Pennington, Mandarin Teacher and Confucius Classroom Manager, Highgate Primary School, who skilfully explored how to build vocabulary in Mandarin through several strategies in the classroom.

The training received outstanding feedback from all Mandarin teachers attending. Ms Yufei Li, a Mandarin teacher at CITCM, said, “We are very grateful to the Confucius Institute for bringing us such a great training. The seven teachers shared some of their own experiences from different angles, which will be of great help to our teaching in the future.” Ms Li Zeng, a Mandarin teacher at CITCM, commented that “The teachers shared many solutions which I am looking for. It is very useful for my teaching experience in the UK. Thank you a lot.” Ms Yuanyuan Meng, a Mandarin teacher at CITCM, said, “Thank you very much for providing concrete and feasible suggestions for practical language teaching.” All teachers attending took back many practical tools that they plan to implement in their lessons with their students immediately.