CITCM Delivers Face-to-face On-the-job Training

Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine (CITCM), on 28 October 2022, successfully delivered a whole-day face-to-face on-the-job training with the attendance of all teachers managed by CITCM.

Group image from the back

Executive Director/Professor Yinong Xu started the training by focusing on three topics: the development strategy of CI, the duties and responsibilities and the personal achievement on “The World, Confucius Institute, the Individual: Cross-cultural Engagement and Self-realisation” to elaborate the significance, opportunities and limits of CI’s works. Xu expected all teachers to exert their best at their work, speak and behave cautiously, and always bear self-reflection, self-discipline and self-motivation in mind.

Professor Xu

Co-Director/Associate Professor Zhaohui Wang and Bo Sheng, following Xu, gave detailed explanations regarding the rules and responsibilities applied to teachers.

Director Sheng
Director Wang

Mr Xianzhong Liang, the Volunteer-Mandarin-Teachers Coordinator for the Centre for Language Education and Cooperation, dove deep into the terms and conditions of subsidies, rental drawing and reimbursement, which are much concerned by teachers. Teachers on-site affirmed that they better understood the terms and conditions.

CITCM invited three distinguished teachers to share their teaching experiences to inspire new teaching ideas and facilitate experience exchange. Teacher Yingzi Zhao, by sharing her real cases and taking different perspectives, talked about methods to efficiently design and roll out classroom activities. Teacher Xufei Xue, focusing on learning through eye-hand stimulation, dissected classroom activities for Mandarin teaching in phonetics and Chinese characters. Last, Teacher Ting Chen shared her methods of employing ICT in Mandarin teaching and demonstrated how to use online resources such as Quizlet and Nearpod to facilitate Mandarin teaching.

Teacher Yingzi Zhao

CITCM believes that this training enabled teachers to exchange experience and information, raise the collective consciousness and strengthen bonds with CI. Teachers who attended this training and left with many takeaways expressed their affirmation of the event over its practicality and instructional significance. They also look forward to similar events in the future to exchange experiences, share job learnings and talk about their lives in the UK.