Caxton House LSBU Presents High-profile Wellbeing Exhibition

It has come to the final few days to visit Caxton House to view on the exhibition, ‘Health Wellbeing Art – all for the enjoyment of life’.

Exhibition poster
Participants at the exhibition

This prominent wellbeing exhibition was launched on 18 January. Around 60 VIPs attended the private reception and preview, including staff members from LSBU and local Chinese medical practitioners. Deputy Vice-Chancelor Prof Deborah Johnston, Co-Director of Confucius Institute Dr Bo Sheng, and CI’s Executive Director Prof Yinong Xu spoke successively at the opening ceremony. The guests were also afforded opportunities to learn a few self-massage acupoints and to practice a couple of health qigong routines.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor of LSBU/Professor Deborah Johnston
Ba Duan Jin

Combining health and wellbeing with art, the exhibition provided unique artistic angles to the perception of health and wellbeing in China and other east Asian countries. This exhibition is composed of six parts: (1) the three general factors to be considered for applying suitable measures, (2) eating, drinking, and health, (3) cupping therapy and medicinal ablutions, (4) methods and techniques of health promotion exercises, (5) temperament and disposition, and (6) Sino-European dialogue.

Herb Samples

The exhibition is open to the public from 9am to 5pm on weekdays, and will conclude on 20 February.