London Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine (CITCM) successfully held the 4th Confucius Cup Martial Arts Competition
18 June 2014

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On 17th, June, 2014, The 4th Confucius Cup Martial Arts Competition was successfully held in Fircroft Primary School. During the opening ceremony, Mr Jason, coordinator of student’ activity said enthusiastically: “CITCM has been making great effort to promote Chinese culture with colourful and diverse activities, opening a window and a door for the UK people to understand China and the splendid Chinese culture.”

Fircroft Primary School boy’s performance in martial arts competition

The contestants (the youngest is only 6 years old, and the oldest is 12) came from Fircroft Primary School, Hillbrook Primary School and Ernest Bevin College. The participants were divided into 4 groups based on their age and gender. The audiences were amazed by their passion about Chinese martial arts and the proficiency of martial arts movements, in spite of the young age. The different styles of martial arts really broadened the audiences’ views. The energetic and elaborate movements were so impressive that sometimes they were fast and fluent, and sometimes they shifted to be slow and flexible. Performance of the ‘little martial arts masters” won rounds of applause constantly.

Fircroft Primary School girl’s performance in martial arts competition
Audiences cheering up for the Martial arts competition

After the fierce competition, the first, second, third and the recognition awards were given. The project manager of CITCM and teachers from Fircroft primary school congratulated the participants on the great success of the competition and expressed her sincere thanks to CITCM. At last, they awarded the prizes and certificates to the contestants followed by the group photo.

The group photo

This year’s martial arts competition not only motivated children’s enthusiasm about Chinese martial arts and Chinese culture, but also promoted the flourishing development of traditional Chinese element, showing extraordinary aspects of Chinese culture abroad. Ms Yannan Yu, Project Manager from LSBU’s Confucius Institute commented “I am so delighted that five schools participated in this year’s competition. It boosted students’ enthusiasm for learning Mandarin and Chinese culture.”

Written by Hua He