2016 Wellbeing Month
31 May 2016

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This year LSBU’s Confucius Institute once again hosted a very successful Wellbeing Month. The event, which ran through the majority of May, saw LSBU staff, students and the public participating in a series of very relaxing events.

The event officially started with an insightful lecture on ‘Diet and Traditional Chinese Medicine’. Nowadays an increasing number of people are taking an interest in this insightful subject. During the lecture Tian Ye, a CITCM doctor, encouraged the audience to consider thought provoking questions such as ‘What is your physical constitution?’, ‘what food best suits your body?’, ‘How can food boost your immune system?’ and so on. At the end of the lecture Tian Ye concluded by saying, “’I hope the wellbeing tips can help you lead a healthier and happier life’.” Alix Brewster, a member of the public who attended the lecture, said ‘the lecture was so insightful. I really enjoyed learning about how different foods can affect the body in so many different ways.’

Diet and Traditional Chinese Medicine Lecture

Throughout the month CITCM also offered free on the spot massages, it was no surprise to see that these were also very well received. Wang Zhijie, a doctor at the Confucius Institute, explained how ‘people were so grateful to receive the treatment and learn a little bit more about TCM’. Other events included a lecture titled ‘An introduction to Acupuncture’ and some free Taiji sessions.

CITCM's doctor Wang Zhijie giving an 'On the spot massage'

This year’s Wellbeing Month not only helped people win a better understanding of the philosophy and treatment practices surrounding Chinese medicine, but also actively encouraged people to relax and pursue a healthy lifestyle. We hope that all who attended had a great experience and we look forwards to see you at future events.