2014 New Hanban Teachers' Induction training held at CITCM London
3 November 2014

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On 30th October 2014, Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine (CITCM) held an induction training for new Hanban Mandarin teachers and volunteers at London South Bank University (LSBU).

CITCM Deputy Director Ms Yannan Yu introducing CITCM

The induction training was divided into two parts: Chinese culture activity and teaching materials. The Deputy Director of CITCM, Ms. Yannan Yu firstly introduced the establishment, development, and outstanding achievements of CITCM. The interactive culture activities were arranged, including: tea ceremony, traditional Chinese painting, and Chinese calligraphy. Mr Mingliang Wang, a new teacher to CITCM, used to work at a CI in Thailand. He shared his experience of promoting Chinese culture in Thailand. Ms Xue Junjie, a teacher who used to teach Chinese in the Philippines, shared her valuable experience in classroom management and ways of organising culture events in schools.

CITCM Deputy Director Mr Fafa Jin organising teachers to discuss the teaching materials

Mr. Jin Fafa, Deputy Director of CITCM, held the teaching materials seminar in the afternoon, and also invited some experienced teachers to share their experience of Chinese teaching. The teachers provided a lot teaching materials and samples and also life experiences in London for the new teachers. Mr Jin Fafa also organised the discussion of Learning games, teaching strategy, and practiced the number game with everyone.

Mr Wang Mingliang sharing his experience of promoting Chinese language and culture in Thailand

All teachers found the one day training very useful and it helped them to better adapt to the new working environment.

Ms Xue Junjie sharing his experience of teaching in a Confucius Classroom in the Philippines
New teachers at the training