Perception, Interpretation, and Imagination: An Artistic Facet of Sino-British Engagement

This is an ad hoc exhibition of works of visual art by thirty-two contemporary Chinese artists, as part of a special event entitled “Along the Bright Road in Britannia” (Yinglun Jinghang) — an artistic tour of England by some of these artists, which forms the third leg of the “Travel with a Painting Brush” organised by Beijing Xuanhe Art Institute for Calligraphy and Painting.

The artists whose works are presented here appear diverse in age, gender, educational background, and artistic orientation; hence the multifarious artistic styles and idiosyncratic approaches as evinced in their works, all provocatively and yet agreeably sharing the space of exhibition. Such diversity of individuality and coexistence with tolerance, to some extent epitomising the heterogeneity of the art world in contemporary China, is not at all surprising; after all, artwork is a projection of the mind and the mind in modern times varies from one individual to another. Confucius’s insistence that “the gentleman agrees with others without being an echo” (The Analects 13.23) becomes pleasantly relevant here.

Key Details

  • Caxton House, 13-16 Borough Road, SE1 0AN
  • 18-27th July 2018(excluding the weekends)
  • 09.00-17.00
  • Admission: FREE

You don’t need to register for this event, just come along between our opening hours of 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. We look forward to seeing you there