Cherishing the Peace

Exhibition of Artworks from the Northern Lanting Art Centre

Calligraphy and painting emerged almost simultaneously in Chinese history. The two genres shared identical tools — brush, ink and paper or silk — and were judged by kindred criteria, but calligraphy was revered as a fine art long before painting. Indeed, since the 3rd century CE, calligraphy has been considered the supreme form of visual arts in China. Painting is thus essentially a linear art, and the aesthetics of linearity in calligraphy and painting have had immense bearings on the other arts, including the art of seal-carving.

This is an exhibition of selected artworks by eight artists from the Northern Lanting Art Centre; they include calligraphic works mostly in running and cursive scripts 行书、草书, paintings on plants and birds, and seal-carvings about clerical scripts, pattern design and pictorial images.

Cherishing the Peace
Cherishing the Peace

Key Details

16 October 2018
Caxton House, SE1 0AN
Free Admission