2017 UK Confucius Institutes Volunteer Chinese Teachers’ In-Service Training Ended Successfully

On the afternoon of November 26(GMT), the two-day in-service training for UK Confucius Institutes volunteer Chinese teachers ended successfully in Keyworth center at London South Bank University. It was sponsored by Hanban/Confucius Institute headquarters and hosted by Confucius Institute for TCM at London South Bank University. 256 volunteer Chinese teachers from 29 different Confucius Institutes across the UK attended this training. Mr. Yongli Wang, Minister Counsellor from the education section of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, the executive director of the Confucius Institute for TCM at London South bank University Mr. Yi-nong Xu, Chinese co-director Tony Wang, Chinese co-director Tingting Liu, were also invited to attend the training.

Welcome speech by Prof Yinong Xu

Professor George Xinsheng ZHANG from Richmond, the American International University in London, Dr. Lily CHEN from the University of Sheffield, Jing Fang from Oxford University, chairman of The 48 Group Club Mr. Stephen Perry, CEO of the Boleyn Trust Dr. Tom Canning, Adam MOORMAN from Fortismere School, Rhoda PENNINGTON from Highgate Primary School, Dr.Lianyi SONG from the China Institute, SOAS, Deputy headteacher Terence Anthony SUMPTER from Boleyn Trust Schools, headteacher Sue Ferguson from Ellen Wilkinson Primary School, improvement adviser Heulwen REES from Haringey Local Authority School, Feixia Yu from University of Central Lancashire, Professor Yi-nong XU from the Confucius Institute for TCM at London South Bank University and Chinese co-director Tony WANG gave a series of spectacular keynote speeches respectively. Hanban volunteer-management teachers Yeqian QIN and representatives of volunteer Chinese teachers Bowen HUANG, Qiqi MA, Yi ZENG also share their experience about how to adapt to the life in Britain, the physical and mental health, the personal property management, the services spirit of volunteers and so on.

Lecture on Chinese characters teaching given by Zhang Hesheng

The training is targeted grounded, practical and rich in content. The keynote speeches of this training cover issues of techniques in teaching Chinese characters, teaching and learning for non-academic degrees, analysis and utilization of multi-media Chinese teaching resources in the UK, the future relationship between China and Britain, primary and secondary education system and teaching approaches in the UK, demonstration of the Chinese teaching and Chinese teaching skills in UK primary and secondary schools, how to develop a game classroom in teaching Chinese, how to teach Chinese practically and sensibly, how to effectively manage the classroom at primary and secondary schools, local school students’ health and safety protection, a UK primary school’s headteacher’s understanding of the necessity and challenges of developing Mandarin, effective communications and mental health, cultural engagement and self-realisation and etc. All of the keynote speakers gave a wonderful speech. They used their own ample knowledge, rich experience and amiable way of teaching to infect every learner and the audiences were deeply moved. The atmosphere is relaxed and humorous and has broken into applause and laughter from time to time. At the interactive section, many volunteer Chinese teachers raised their hand and enthusiastically asked questions about various problems they encountered in work, teaching and daily life. The lecturers gave their detailed solutions patiently to solve volunteer Chinese teachers’ confusions. Through two days of training, many volunteer Chinese teachers said, they benefit a lot from it and this training pointed out a clear path for how to take roots in the UK conditions, how to combine with the local realities and how to better promote the Chinese language and the Chinese culture.

lecture given by Stephen Perry about where China goes to

At the end of the training, Mr. Yongli Wang, Minister Counsellor from the education section of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, came to the training site, met with volunteer Mandarin teachers and asked about the detailed teaching condition. On behalf of the education section of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, he appreciated all volunteer Chinese teachers’ contribution to promote the Chinese language and the Chinese culture, and hope all volunteer Chinese teachers cherish their valuable work opportunities, practice their skills, perform their duties and strive to contribute their own part to the international Chinese teaching and the promotion of the Chinese culture.

Minister Counsellor Yongli Wang address the speech
The Chinese volunteers attend the training course