Highgate Primary School opens Spectacular Chinese Classroom
24 November 2016
Directors exchange ideas at Confucius Institute Round Table Discussion
10 November 2016
CITCM hosts Innovative Teacher Training for 75 Mandarin Teachers
5 November 2016
Innovative Research conducted at CITCM Clinic
1 November 2016


CITCM Scholarship Students have an ‘amazing experience’ in China
8 September 2016


Olympians at Rio have taken to Cupping Therapy
9 August 2016


Viewers admire 'Beijing in Snow' Exhibition
8 July 2016


Taiji in Regent's Park
27 June 2016
Fortismere School Student wins UK Mandarin Reading Competition
27 June 2016
CITCM teachers share experiences at end of year Symposium
19 June 2016
CITCM successfully holds 6th ‘Confucius Cup’ Martial Arts Competition
18 June 2016
Tuina Workshop at Northwood College
18 June 2016


2016 Wellbeing Month
31 May 2016


Ernest Bevin College completes ‘Short-Term Mandarin Study Trip’
6 April 2016
CITCM’s Confucius Classroom wins Chinese Embassy Competition
1 April 2016


CITCM accompanies Head Teachers to China
25 March 2016
Tianjin Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning Visit to LSBU
24 March 2016
CITCM welcomes Dr Guan to join Round Table Discussion
10 March 2016


UK Confucius Institutes Informal Forum at CITCM
12 February 2016
2016 China-Britain Cultural and Business Spring Festival Function
9 February 2016
CITCM enters the Year of the Monkey with a Spectacular Performance at LSBU
8 February 2016
CITCM celebrates Chinese New Year at Whitgift Shopping Centre, Croydon
7 February 2016
Chinese Dumpling Workshop at National Bakery School
3 February 2016
CITCM Participates in 'Better You' Campaign
2 February 2016


CITCM Prepares for Chinese New Year Roadshow
20 January 2016
Acupuncture Clinic moves to Caxton House
8 January 2016