Language Courses

At the Confucius Institute, we offer two key language courses.

Youth Chinese Test

The Youth Chinese Test or YCT is a test for primary and secondary-school children, examining their ability to apply Chinese language to their studies and use in their own lives. It provides a base to build on which could see them learn the language well enough to use as adults in their working lives.

Level 1 (80+ characters) If you pass this level, you’ll understand and use some of the most frequently used Chinese words and sentences. The 30-minute exam includes listening and reading sections.

Level 2 (150+ characters) You’ll understand and use some simple Chinese words and sentences to communicate. The 45-minute exam includes listening and reading sections.

Level 3 (300+ characters) You’ll use Chinese in a simple, direct way, applying it to basic topics in your daily life. The 55-minute exam includes listening and reading sections.

Level 4 (600+ characters) You’ll use Chinese in your life and studies, and complete communicative tasks during a visit to China. The 80-minute exam includes listening, reading and writing sections.


HSK, the only internationally recognised Chinese test for adults, tests and rates proficiency in Chinese language through a series of test levels. It examines many of the common words and grammatical structures, immediately applicable in everyday and professional situations.As with the YCT test, benefits include increased employability as businesses increasingly look for individuals with Chinese language skills.

Level 1 (150 characters) On passing the exam, you’ll understand and use simple Chinese phrases and meet basic communication needs.

Level 2 (300 characters) You’ll be deal with simple tasks, requiring direct exchanges of information, on familiar and routine matters.

Level 3 (600 characters) You’ll communicate in basic Chinese and be able to talk about your daily, academic and professional life, including when travelling in China.

Level 4 (1,200 characters) Communicating fluently with native Chinese speakers, you’ll have conversations in Chinese on a wide range of topics.

Level 5 (2,500 characters) You’ll read Chinese newspapers and magazines, enjoy films and plays and give a full-length speech.

Level 6 (over 5,000 characters) You’ll easily comprehend written and spoken information in Chinese and express yourself effectively orally and on paper.

Those with outstanding results can apply for a language-study scholarship.

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