CITCM's Chinese Cultural Workshops Delighted St Joseph's College
17 December 2013


Sino-UK Friendship Promoted via the Water-ink Culture Workshops
29 November 2013
CITCM's Chinese Cultural performances and Workshops showcased at London Highgate Primary School
19 November 2013
CITCM presented a performance in Kungfu School Confucius Classroom
19 November 2013
CITCM New Teachers' Effective Weekly Training Programme
19 November 2013
Chinese Wellbeing Day for teachers and staff started!
18 November 2013
The Award Ceremony of Writing and Photography Competition in CITCM
12 November 2013
CITCM Joined Open Day in London South Bank University
12 November 2013
Chinese Universities Learnt Successful Experience at LSBU
12 November 2013
CITCM welcomed VIPs from the House of Commons
6 November 2013


CITCM showcased Chinese Culture at LSBU Open days
28 October 2013
CITCM at the Language Show Live 2013
28 October 2013
Confucius Classroom welcomes guests from China
23 October 2013
Chinese Moon Festival Celebration won applause from LSBU students
18 October 2013
Mid-Autumn Day Celebration with the Confucious Institute at the University of Cardiff
12 October 2013
Cheers up, Firscroft! Ready for Chinese Culture
2 October 2013


The Launch of CITCM's Confucius Classroom in The Petchey Academy
30 September 2013
Pre-Service Training for New Teachers at the Confucius Institute for TCM
19 September 2013
CITCM Joins Dragon Boat Festival in Crawley
2 September 2013


London Confucius Institute for TCM and Heilongjiang University of TCM Successfully Hold Summer Camp to China
1 August 2013


CITCM Organised Cultural Workshops at Ernest Bevin College
31 July 2013
Keats Library hosted the Chinese Kite Workshop
17 July 2013
Chinese Food Culture Experience during CITCM's Jiaozi Workshop at Ernest Bevin College
11 July 2013
Holy Cross Primary School held the Chinese Arts Day
9 July 2013
Happy Dance Classes
9 July 2013
CITCM's 'China Day' Show at St George's School
9 July 2013
Painting China
9 July 2013


Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine Successfully Concluded Its First Chinese Cuisine Competition
29 June 2013
CITCM's Secondary School Team Held Its 3rd Monthly Meeting
25 June 2013
CITCM successfully Held the Third Confucius Cup Martial Arts Competition at Goodrich Primary School Confucius Classroom
25 June 2013
The Mayor of Fulham Attended Martial Arts Competition and Praised the Splendid Chinese Culture
18 June 2013
London School Children Painting Chinese Dragons and Delivering Blessings of Dragon Boat Festival
18 June 2013
CITCM's HSK Team Plans to Initiate Mandarin Online Project
15 June 2013
Hanban teachers visited the Grey Coat Hospital
12 June 2013
Gather in London, Remember China
10 June 2013
A New Record for Youth Chinese Test (YCT) at CITCM
7 June 2013
Inner-west University Leadership Programme at London South Bank University
7 June 2013
The Chinese Embassy Sunshine School Celebrated Children's Day
4 June 2013
A Striking Spectacle of Taiji Show in London Hyde Park
4 June 2013
Chinese Culture Blossoming in London
3 June 2013


CITCM's Taiji Workshops attracted massive media attention
29 May 2013
Masters and Apprentices Learning from Each Other
29 May 2013
CITCM's Organised Jiaozi Workshops at St Joseph's College
29 May 2013
2013 'Summer in China' Programme Gains Popularity at LSBU
29 May 2013
CITCM's Chinese Cultural Workshops On Fulham Primary School's International Day
29 May 2013
Chinese Culture Warmly Welcomed at the Oldest Adult Education Institute in Europe
25 May 2013
CITCM's Chinese Culture Workshops at St Joseph's College
23 May 2013
3rd Week's Taiji Practice Attracted a Wheelchair User, Children and Superheroes
21 May 2013
CITCM at the Children and Families Across Borders (CFAB) World Market
17 May 2013
CITCM's HSK Team's Teaching Seminar
15 May 2013
Century-Old Westminster City School Overwhelmed by the Beauty of Chinese Arts
15 May 2013
Practising Taiji in Spring to Promote Wellbeing in London
9 May 2013
Confucius Institute welcomes Chinese Embassy
9 May 2013


CITCM's Demonstrations at the Festival of Nations 2013 at LSBU
29 April 2013
Earthquake in Ya'an Felt by Many across Mountains and Oceans
29 April 2013
Xinhua News Agency Joined Confucius Institute's Staff Training
26 April 2013
CITCM Established a Taiji Club at Ernest Bevin College
25 April 2013
Chinese Lanterns Workshop Lightening the Arts Classroom at Hollyfield School
24 April 2013
CITCM Performed successfully at London University College School
20 April 2013
Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine Held Its First Chinese Cuisine Competition
17 April 2013
Chinese New Year 2013 at Holy Cross Primary School with Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine
15 April 2013
CITCM Primary School Teachers Team Organized a Seminar on How to Organize Chinese Culture Workshops
9 April 2013
Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine Celebrated the Chinese New Year at St Mary's Bryanston Square CE Primary School
9 April 2013


CITCM Celebrated 2013 Chinese New Year at Keats Community Library
28 March 2013
CITCM's Chinese New Year Card Competition at Its Confucius Classrooms, Primary and Secondary Schools
28 March 2013
CITCM Showcased Traditional Chinese Wellbeing at London Vitality Show
28 March 2013
Feeling Grateful to China While Promoting the Chinese Culture in the UK
26 March 2013
CITCM Held the Chinese New Year Roadshow at Acland Burghley School
25 March 2013
St John's Walham Green CE Primary School enjoyed a splendid culture feast
20 March 2013
The Grey Coat Hospital Greets the Year of Snake
19 March 2013
The Sunshine School celebrated 2013 Chinese New Year at the Chinese Embassy in London
12 March 2013


Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine Participating in "Mental Well-being Marketplace 2013"
28 February 2013
Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine Celebrating the Chinese New Year at St Joseph's College
28 February 2013
Madam Hu Pinghua visited Chinese teachers at the Sunshine School
21 February 2013
Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine, London Joined the University of Southampton Confucius Institute's Chinese New Year Gala
18 February 2013
London Working Men's College Successfully Held 2013 Chinese New Year Celebration
18 February 2013
BBC and Sky News Chinese New Year appearances for Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine (CITCM)
14 February 2013
Chinese New Year 2013 at Whitgift Shopping Centre Croydon, London
14 February 2013
CITCM Primary School Team held the Teaching Seminar
14 February 2013
The Year of the Snake is Coming
14 February 2013
Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine, London Kicked Off 2013 Chinese New Year Roadshows
5 February 2013


TCM Team from London South Bank University Confucius Institute Delivers Wellbeing Workshops in UNICEF British Branch
23 January 2013