Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine collects its fourth consecutive award for excellence
17 December 2012
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) impressed students and teachers in North England
12 December 2012
Chinese Culture impressed the Allied Health Professions Forum at LSBU
10 December 2012


Demonstration of Chinese Culture at London South Bank University
30 November 2012
Chinese Wellbeing Photo Exhibition Impressed the Houses of Parliament
23 November 2012
Lectures on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) enlightened students in America
8 November 2012
Engraving Sino-British Friendship in a Seal
6 November 2012
Fostering Sino-British Friendship through Writing Chinese Characters with Brush and Ink
6 November 2012
London Confucius Institute for TCM kicked off roadshow in the United States
5 November 2012


London Confucius Institute for TCM Held a Teachers' Training
29 October 2012
Exhibition launched: The past, present and future of Traditional Chinese Medicine
24 October 2012


CITCM Launched its YCT 2012-2013 Promotion Campaign
24 September 2012
CITCM participated the 2012 LSBU Freshers' Fair
21 September 2012
CITCM's Free Health Consultations and Massage to LSBU Staff
18 September 2012


Chinese Cultural Experience delights Ernest Bevin College
26 July 2012
The Successful Completion of 2012 CITCM Teaching Competition
22 July 2012
CITCM organized a Farewell Party for Chinese Teachers
19 July 2012
The 2nd Chinese Visual Arts Festival showed great Chinese culture
17 July 2012
Confucius Institute for TCM celebrates the London Olympics 2012 in the Cultural Olympiad 2012
16 July 2012
Confucius Institute's workshops are breath-taking
10 July 2012


Confucius Institute successfully held the 2012 Confucius Cup Martial Arts Competition
30 June 2012
CITCM's Happy Music Workshops
18 June 2012
Great Success of Musical The Butterfly Lovers in London
1 June 2012


The Guild Mayor and Mayoress of Preston visited the Confucius Institute at LSBU
24 May 2012
Northern Ireland MP visits the Confucius Institute at London South Bank University
22 May 2012
Chinese Family Photo Exhibition
9 May 2012
Minister Counsellor Shen Yang visits LSBU and the Confucius Institute
9 May 2012
We love the Chinese Dragon!
2 May 2012


Mr Li Changchun joins CITCM 5 year anniversary celebrations
24 April 2012
Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle with Love and Care
16 April 2012
Southwark Council Leader visits LSBU's Confucius Institute
13 April 2012


First HSK Exam of 2012
20 March 2012
London Confucius Institute for TCM delivered a lecture on stress management in Ireland
19 March 2012
Finals of the China-UK Panda Pals Project Speech and Drawing Contests
1 March 2012


Master Wu Zhongxian delivered a presentation on "Qigong as the Source of Chinese Medicine"
27 February 2012
2012 Chinese New Year Roadshow performed in Wales
7 February 2012
Three Performances of Chinese Culture Hit the Audiences in Croydon
4 February 2012
2012 Chinese New year Roadshow enjoyed in Maidstone
3 February 2012
2012 Chinese New Year Celebration at Sunshine School, the Chinese Embassy
1 February 2012


Sharing Chinese Culture through Chinese New Year Roadshow
31 January 2012
2012 Chinese New Year Roadshow presented its performance at the British Parliament
27 January 2012
2012 Spring Festival Road Show at Watford Palace Theatre
27 January 2012
2012 Dragon Year's Road Show Kicked Off by London Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine
19 January 2012
LSBU Student Theatre Company performs at International Arts Festival
16 January 2012
HSK Mandarin test results are out: LSBU students pass rate is 100%
5 January 2012