Chinese New Year Celebration Delighted students at The Petchey Academy in Hackney
11 March 2015

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As a spring couplet goes, “The old year leaves amidst the falling snow; the new spring comes with the rising sun CITCM visited The Petchey Academy and presented a Chinese New Year roadshow on 5th March, 2015.

The show was well-received by the teachers and students.The show included martial arts, taiji and Chinese folk dance performances. The teachers and students were fascinated and enjoyed the participation section. The excellent performances, elegant costumes and soul-stirring music were well-received by the audience and gained rounds of applause. The highlight of the celebration was the rendition of China’s national anthem by the students. The performers and the audience enjoyed the very warm and happy atmosphere as they celebrated the Chinese New Year.

Taiji fan performance
Students eager to participate
Students singing China’s national anthem

The show reflected various aspects of Chinese culture and inspired many young students to learn more about China and its culture. Many students expressed that they would like to learn Mandarin and visit China in the future.