Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine Participating in "Mental Well-being Marketplace 2013"

28 February 2013

Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine was invited to participate in the “Mental Well-being Marketplace 2013” at St. George (the Martyr Church) on Monday, 25th Feb 2013. The traditional Chinese well-beings were popularly and beneficially accepted esp. by those that were suffering mental sub-health.

CITCM teacher is introducing Chinese acupuncture and Chinese cultural workshop series to a young lady

At the venue, the eye-catching words “Traditional Chinese Medicine” attracted people’s great attention, and they began to consult the staff about the basic knowledge of the traditional Chinese well-beings, including acupuncture, Tai chi movements and Chinese massage. Meanwhile?some customers even voluntarily tasted the free massage, and afterwards spoke highly of their first Chinese massage taste. The most appealing is the fantastic “85-movement Tai chi” demonstration at the central stage, made by Kejun Wang (a doctor of Chinese medicine). With the traditional Chinese folk song as the music background, the Tai chi performance successfully manifested the integral glamour of Chinese cultural quintessence from the perspectives of philosophy, mechanics, medicine and aesthetics. In addition, it stuck the audience that traditional Chinese well-beings possess magic beauty and power, with the characteristics of “being dynamic and peaceful; hard and soft”.

CITCM Dr. Wang Kejun is performing Tai chi at the central stage of the venue.

The Tai chi performance aroused cheers and applause from the audience, as well as their interest in traditional Chinese well-beings, the Chinese cultural workshop series, mandarin lessons, etc. The successful participation of “Mental Well-being Marketplace 2013” enabled the Confucius Institute for CITCM to move forward to the promotion of the Chinese wellbeing in the UK. Approximately 300 people experience the charm the Chinese wellbeing.

CITCM doctor is giving a male patient a free massage.