Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine Celebrating the Chinese New Year at St Joseph's College

28 February 2013

Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine (CITCM) at London South Bank University continued its Chinese New Year Roadshow after the half-term holiday. On 26th February CITCM Performance Troupe went to St Joseph’s College (SJC) to celebrate the Chinese New Year with the students and teachers there. Over 150 audience enjoyed the show.

Teachers and students of St Joseph’s Primary School enjoying folk dance
Mrs Ruiz, Head teacher of St Chad’s Primary School expressing their thanks to the Performance Troupe

The CITCM performers are teachers and volunteer teachers professionally trained in China in the fields of martial arts, dancing and traditional Chinese music. They presented excellent performances. The martial artists’ performances of the long fist, weapons and taiji fan were most popular with the male students of SJC and aroused waves of applause from the audience. The dance performances including classical and folk dances amazed the audience. A wonderful addition to the show was a traditional Chinese musical instrument (Erhu) as well as a folk song by CITCM’s talented musician. Some lucky students were selected to learn the long fist and folk dance movements in the interaction session.

Students of Heber Primary School listening to Traditional Chinese musical instrument Erhu performance

The forty-five minutes show not only showcased professional performances but also strengthened the audience’s understanding of the Chinese culture and language. The show came to an end in the exchange of best wishes among the performers and the audience.

Students of St Joseph’s College participating in handkerchief interaction
Teachers and students of St Joseph’s College watching Taiji Fan performance

Mr Dwyer, deputy head teacher of St Joseph’s College, accepted the CITCM’s Chinese New Year present -- Hanban Chinese Culture Resource Pack. St Joseph’s College Confucius Classroom is one the 9 CITCM’s CI classrooms. SJC CI Classroom teaches Mandarin Chinese to a large number of students and their test results are excellent. SJC CI Classroom has been working closely with CITCM in promoting the Chinese teaching and Chinese culture. This year SJC organised 4 days of shows to other associate schools to provide opportunities for more students to learn about Chinese culture.

Group photo of the CITCM Performance Troupe with Mr Dwyer, deputy head teacher of St Joseph’s College